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Download The Ghost - Co-op Survival Horror Game with Mod Menu for Free

Mod V1 features:No AdsIf you're a fan of survival horror games, then you definitely need to check out The Ghost Survival Horror MOD APK v1.27.This game is a unique blend of horror and survival, which will take you on a thrilling journey of fear and excitement.The game offers different levels of difficulty, along with multiple game modes, so you never get bored.The best part is that the game comes with no ads, which means you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience without any interruptions.So, download The Ghost Survival Horror MOD APK v1.

Story Erich Sann - Horror Academy - atmospheric horror walker, where the main character moves to a new city and his apartment is located opposite an abandoned music school. Every night, a strange violin melody sounds from this terrible place, which wakes up the hero and hypnotizes. You were waed that everyone who went to this school did not come back, but this does not stop your hero and he sets off. Gameplay FeaturesYour character has an incredible survival adventure and goes to an abandoned school to steal a violin . To do this, you have to help him explore rooms and complete various missions, but try to act as quietly as possible, otherwise the ghost will find you.Get ready to solve many exciting puzzles, visit incredibly atmospheric rooms, complete tasks, and all this under a terrifying soundtrack . Comfortable controls, well-designed graphics with high-quality animations and addictive gameplay await you.

the ghost survival horror apk mod menu

If you are a regular viewer of horror movies from different countries, you will certainly find the ghosts in GETCHA GHOST familiar. Basically, the ghost collection in the game is very diverse with its own strength and design.

Horror is not some new phenomenon to the people as everybody has grown up with many elements and activities that involve the term. Most people experience horror at night every day, so that's not what we are talking about; we are here discussing the actual horror or fear that crumples your body. The fear that squeezes your juice and makes you mad in moments; yes, the fact of having a ghost near you and if she is a woman-imagine can you? Granny mod apk is a game in the horror genre that offers all those people the gameplay they ask for. Most people love fearful deliveries and want to experience more and more horror. It's a ghost story where users will get lost in the horrifying elements that express thrills and suspense all over and around in the whole world of the players. We need to choose between life and death in all such stories of choices easily.

Granny mod apk offers the users the roleplay character in the game where they are confined in a room with Granny without any story information. As you wake up, you will try to hide as Granny is a ghost, and she wants to kill everyone who comes around her. In a house full of fear and horror, it is hard for you to survive easily. She is blind and cannot see; you can make good use of this disability in her. But the Granny has supernatural hearing skills and can listen to the pin drop in the house. So take every step carefully and hide in places to protect yourself.


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